Fantastic Harley bike rides with the HOG community in Brisbane

Stella Bishops | April 8, 2019 | 0 | Uncategorized

It’s definitely fun to have Harley bike rides on the roads of Brisbane, and it’s even more fantastic to do with the Harley Owners Group (HOG).


Probably, you’ve already seen a few Harley bikers riding together in a group, and they look absolutely cool, don’t they? Those are members of the HOG, which is the official community of bikers under the brand of Harley.


Fortunately, you can also join them with your own Harley motorbike as the only requirement. And, that will allow you to have the best bike rides of your life, along with some other benefits.


What benefits can you have from joining the HOG community in Brisbane?

The Harley Owners Group offers a lot of benefits for its members, and such perks can differ from one chapter to another. However, the common benefits you can have can be classified into these categories.


Enjoyable bike rides with other members

Think of enjoying a Harley Davidson bike ride with other HOG members in Brisbane. That will help you establish a connection with other members, whether it would be about motorbikes or on a personal level.


In fact, it’s common for members to form bonds as friends, either on or off their bikes.


Moreover, this will give you a chance to have motorbike rides around Brisbane, which you can’t easily do on your own. This is because some places require permits for you to access, and the HOG can give you a special pass for it.


Special offers, products, and recognitions

The club also offers special products and recognitions for its members. For example, you can receive recognition upon completing a certain Harley bike rides mileage.


You can also receive the official Harley magazine, which comes in a few releases each year. This will let you read stories from other HOG members, know some HD tips, and know how to receive further benefits from the club.


Of course, being a member means you can buy special edition merchandise from the company, which includes jackets, clothes, gloves, and helmets among others.


Charitable participation

Each HOG chapter has its own beneficiaries for charity works too, sponsored by the dealership where the chapter belongs.


Like the HOG club under Gasoline Alley HD in South Brisbane, it supports the Hammer’s Gym Muay Thai Training and Fitness Centre, the Warriors Way Kickboxing and Muay Thai Competition, and some motorcycling venues and events, like the Willowbank Raceway among others.


Aside from enjoying Harley bike rides with the club, such charities will let you feel the community’s significance in Brisbane too.


Thus, you should definitely sign-up to be a member of the HOG. As long as you have your own Harley Davidson motorcycle regardless of the model, you can easily register through the dealership near you.


If you’re in Brisbane, for example, the Gasoline Alley HD is the dealership you should go. You just need to search “HOG motorbike rides near me” if you’re located in some other place.


That’s when you can start joining rides with the club regularly and receive the benefits from doing so. Check out