Prepare Your Car for Summer with This Checklist

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The great thing about Australia is getting to experience a lot of sunshine all year round. The bad thing is that the scorching heat during the actual summer season is bad for your car. Fortunately, there are Kia service specials that will help you prepare your car to withstand the heat. Most car service centres have this, so going to the nearest one near you before summer starts is a good idea.

Now that summer is almost here, it’s time to give your car the tender, loving care it deserves. Below is a checklist that you can refer to when preparing your car for summer:

Car Fluids

To keep your car engine in good shape, check the fluids and make sure they are all topped off. You can do it yourself or have it checked at the closest Kia service center. First, check the oil by pulling the oil tank dipstick and looking at the oil level. Check the radiator fluid, power fluid, and washer fluid as well.


Rising temperatures can be bad for your battery’s health. And, if the battery is already several years old, it will likely have trouble holding a charge. Don’t wait until this happens. Stop by the nearest car service Kia car owners use to have it tested and cleaned from corrosion buildup.


Your car’s tyre pressure can become extremely unstable during the summer season. Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to poor gas mileage and safety issues. Check the tyre pressure from time to time especially when the temperature fluctuates. You should also rotate tyres every now and then. Tyre pressure and rotation is usually offered by service centres as Toowong Kia service specials, which you might get with a discount.

Windscreen Wipers

During summer, there are more bugs out and about, which means more work for your windscreen wipers. Check them to see if they are already worn out. Lift the arm and see if the blades are still flat and in contact with the glass. Also, check if they leave streaks whenever they wipe out water. If they do, it’s time to swap out the old for new ones.

Air Conditioner

Of course, you can’t forget about one of the most essential components of your car. Your air conditioner will be working twice as hard during the summer months, so be sure it’s in good shape. If you notice that it’s blowing off warmer air than the usual, it might need more freon. Or, it could be a problem with the compressor or cooling fan. Contact Kia motors locate a service centre, so you can have your AC fixed immediately.

Emergency Kit

Be sure to update your emergency kit because you never know when something happens. Stock up on the essentials, such as a spare tyre, warning triangles, jumper cables, flashlights, and flares. You can also add in some extra tools, such as a fire extinguisher, seatbelt cutter, and an air pump. Bring some water with you as well, just in case.

Before you head off to your summer destination, make sure to take care of your car first. Toowong Kia offers Kia service specials for your car maintenance needs. If you’re looking for a brand new car, they also have a wide range of Kia cars available for viewing.

Choosing Mitsubishi dealerships for favourable company fleet solutions

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Do you prefer Mitsubishi cars to build up your company fleet? Then you should find a reliable dealership with good servicing, like Toowong Mitsubishi, to help you with that. Google “Mitsubishi dealerships” and “Mitsubishi service centers near me”, and you can probably find fleet solutions that favour your company well.

You can have cars in good condition that fit your company’s needs. You can get them on deals your company could effortlessly pay too.

You should know what a Mitsubishi dealership can do for you and see the big benefits you can have.

What could a Mitsubishi dealership fleet solutions do for your company?

Having your fleet solutions from a reliable Mitsubishi dealer service center will bring you these benefits:

Complete fleet from one provider

Remember that Mitsubishi has a wide range of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs. The brand can easily complete your fleet with cars that suit your requirements well, whether your company is small or large.

Affordable deals

Mitsubishi cars are known for their affordability, and you can even have great discounts when you buy them in fleets. This will be very advantageous for your company, as you don’t need to spend unnecessarily large amounts for purchasing separate units.

When you Google “Mitsubishi service department near me”, you will also see great deals on the maintenance of your units. This will give you more savings.

Excellent warranty

Any new car purchase from a reliable dealership comes with great warranty terms, which can covers up to 5 years or 100,000 kilometres. That greatly helps you when it comes to saving on their maintenance and repairs.

Just make sure to Google “best Mitsubishi service centers near me”, so you can receive reasonable warranty deals.

Standardised safety

Buying a fleet from a Mitsubishi dealership means you will receive cars with standard safety features. After all, a huge brand complies with industry standard and is committed to keeping drivers and passengers safe whilst on the road.

How to find a reliable Mitsubishi dealership for your fleet solutions?

It’s quite easy to find a Mitsubishi dealership that offers good fleet solutions. Just remember these points:

·         Start by knowing the available Mitsubishi dealerships in your local area and include them in a short list. You can ask your trusted friends, search some on the web, and see which of them have the highest rates of positive reviews from customers.

·         You want to make sure of having a reliable choice. For your convenience, simply check which dealership is an accredited Mitsubishi Diamond Fleet Dealer. This type of organisation is a dealership who has received accreditation for fleet solutions from Mitsubishi itself and is constantly monitored to provide quality service.

·         Consider the units they can provide and the prices they offer. If you need some Lancer units, for example, a Mitsubishi Lancer dealership and Mitsubishi Lancer service centre could probably help you.

So, start Googling “Mitsubishi deaerships” and “Mitsubishi service centers near me” now and consider the points mentioned above too. Alternatively, you can also click on to directly find the best fleet solutions in Brisbane.

Quick tips in buying the right parts for…

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Looking for the right Peugeot parts to buy? Probably, you’re eyeing at Peugeot wreckers or dealerships, so you can grab cheap or genuine parts, respectively.

That’s a great step, but there are still more things that you should know in finding the right Peugeot parts. After all, aside from finding one that specifically suits your Peugeot model, you want to consider some other factors as well, like price and deal inclusions.

You should read these tips, so you will know where to find and buy some parts for your precious automobile.

What to take note in looking for the right Peugeot parts to purchase?

You want to spend the least amount of cash, but you can’t run the risk of buying the wrong parts for your precious Peugeot too. Read these tips to help you with your search:

Buy online

Yes, shopping in online shops could lead you to good parts of Peugeot for sale. However, you need to remember a few points before making your orders.

  • Always look for reliable sellers, like eBay and Amazon. Check customer reviews on the sellers’ pages to gauge their reliability.
  • Shop around a few sellers, instead of simply buying from the first one you find. This will help you spot the best prices and fantastic inclusions.
  • The key to having a compatible match in buying Peugeot parts online is verifying the exact stuff you need. If you’re in Brisbane, for example, contact a reliable Peugeot car dealerships Brisbane has, like, and ask about the specific part numbers for your Peugeot model. Make sure to buy parts that have the right numbers for the right fit.

See the wreckers

Wreckers are known for having used parts that are sold on cheaper prices, and you can even have the luck of finding rare Peugeot parts at their shops. Just remember these points for a smoother transaction with Peugeot wreckers:

  • Always be careful in negotiating with the price and never compare parts with different specifications, like mileage. For example, don’t compare an engine with 20,000 mileage to another with 100,000 mileage.
  • If you need a rare component, do some tracing with the Peugeot wreckers and find a Peugeot car that is exactly the same model as yours. There’s a good chance that it has the specific parts you need.

Check a Peugeot dealership, of course

If you want to save time and effort in finding the appropriate parts for your precious vehicle, buying from a Peugeot dealership is a great decision. However, these are still a few points you should remember as well:

  • Find a reliable Peugeot dealership in your area. If you’re in Brisbane, for example, you can Google “best Peugeot dealers near me in Brisbane”, or simply click on
  • After finding some reliable dealers, see which has great offers and packages. For example, you should favour those who offer genuine parts that you need, along with other useful stuff, like warranties.

These are a few important tips that could help you find the right parts for your precious automobile. The key here is, you should always be careful in making a purchase, only grab one from reliable sellers, wreckers or dealers, and be keen in verifying the specific parts you need.

How to find cars that match your personality

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Do you believe that cars and their owner’s personalities match?  Anyone who decides to get a car has their own standards or reasons in choosing a certain size, colour, or style. Read on if you want to know what guidelines people in Brisbane Ford dealers and experts use to help people get a car that suits their personalities.

Ford cars

Car owners who have a Ford car are the type of people who is often involved in construction. Ford cars are pretty direct; what you see is what you get. It is built tough, but is flexible enough to be a family car or truck.

The Gen X or Baby Boomers are fond of having Ford cars. If you are looking to find the latest promos Ford Brisbane dealers are offering, you may visit Scenic Motors at

Big trucks

The Ford F150 remains one of the most iconic trucks in the Ford fleet. It is mostly used by those in the construction industry, such as engineers and architects. They are the go-getters and will not rest until the work is done.

This truck is tough and intimidating, and would go well for outdoor-loving individuals. Known for its imposing size, the F150 is suited for the “no nonsense approach” type of people.

Sports cars

Sports cars are made to impress. They have edgier and sleeker designs to catch more attention on the road. Owners who usually have sports cars have flamboyant and lavish lifestyles. The millennials are often drawn to them.

Sports cars are pricier, but buying them is like making a bold statement that the owner has made it and has no qualms of saying it to the world.

Red cars

Red cars are often picked by thrill seekers and ambitious and driven individuals. The red colour gives off passion and energetic vibes. These cars can be flexible enough to be used by CEOs and the young urban professionals.

Those looking for red cars to match their personality may check what Ford dealers Gold Coast has. If you are lucky enough, you may even get discounts, markdown prices, or any other great deal in Brisbane Ford dealers and store branches.

Black cars

Black cars scream “sophistication”. They also convey a business-like tone, and for that, they are usually the cars of choice amongst diplomats or high-ranking public officials.

Black cars command privacy, luxury, and respect. When you visit Brisbane Ford dealers,  you would find all types of cars in various sizes, designs, and colours.

White cars

The owners of white cars have keen attention to detail. White cars demand extra care and protection, since all sorts of damage, bumps, and bruises can easily be seen on them. These cars are classic beauties that never go out of style.  

Final thoughts

In the end, a car is a reflection of its owner. The behavior, attitude, and personality of the owner can be seen on how the car is maintained, driven, and displayed. If you still have not decided which car to get, it is better to seek the advice of experts.

Now, if you are looking for brand new or used Ford used cars Brisbane car shops offer, call Scenic Motors at (07) 5541 4000, so they can help you decide which one suits your personality best.

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