Earlier this year, Jimmy Fallon put a unique spin on the childhood game Whisper Down The Alley, which he called The Whisper Challenge. In the game, you whisper a message to whoever’s sitting next to you and they do the same with the person on the opposite side of them.

The message continues to be whispered down the line of participants and gets hopelessly misheard with each new person. By the end, the message usually makes zero sense.

In Fallon’s version, he made the challenge even harder by asking country singer Blake Shelton to wear noise-canceling headphones while playing. This makes the game infinitely more difficult, and one soon-to-be grandfather understands the struggle well.

When Alexa Goolsby wanted to announce her pregnancy to her parents, she used Fallon’s Whisper Challenge for inspiration. She gave both her parents headphones, then broke the happy news to them: “I’m pregnant.”

Her mom immediately got it, but her dad took a bit longer (OK, a lot longer) to understand what was going on. He’s really enthusiastic about the game, though, and keeps playing along until he puts the pieces together — he’s going to be a grandfather!

source: mtv