As if this baby wasn’t cute enough, he’s been born with the best birthmark ever.

Liam Bailey’s parents were delighted when they noticed a small mark on his right shin – in the shape of a heart.

‘It’s wonderful – really dinky and cute,’ his mum, 33-year-old Candice Johnson from London, said.

‘He’s going to do well when he is 16 and 17 and trying to chat one of the girls up.’

A little baby boy has been born a real-life cherub because he has a birthmark on his leg shaped - like a HEART. See SWNS copy SWHEART. Candice Johnson, 33, is over the moon that her second son, Liam Bailey , was born healthy on Thursday morning - but could not believe the heart shaped mark on his right shin.

And his grandmother added: ‘As soon as anyone looks at it, they say, ‘Oh my god, it’s a heart’.

‘I’ve always said I’d never get a tattoo, but I think I might have to now – I’ll get a heart on my leg, just like my lovely grandson.’